When’s the Last Time You really LOVED a song?

Last night we were talking about the new Lauryn Hill song “Lose Myself.”

If you haven’t heard it, go here href=”http://www.zshare.net/audio/lose-myself-mp3-e8k.html
with a quickness.

And MitchOWski asked us a question that shouldn’t have been difficult at all:

When’s the last time you really LOVED a song?

Silence, silence, silence.

Janell Monae: Declare Independence by Bjork.

Silence, silence, silence.

Chuck Lightning: Silence. (although after reflection, i can say now that i simply love yes truly LOVE “article 3” off Me’shell n’dgeocello’s new EP. and i agree with JM that Bjork’s new album has some incredible songs, “declare independence” among them…)

Nate Wonder: Silence. Then “what do you mean by love?”

Mitch: I mean, love like, how you know, the way you love old albums or some crazy song from back in the day that you discover?

Nate Wonder: Is loving an old album truly love? Or is that just romanticism? And the fact that no one is up on it and it’s not gonna be mainstream and overexposed within a few hours?


Which leads to a larger question: Do technology and commerce kill the beauty in art?

In other words, will we like Lauryn’s gorgeous new song a little less when it’s all over the place? Like part of some gigantic Happy Meal.

And is the exponential rise of our access to the world’s great treasure trove of music online actually decreasing our ability to be inspired by any one given thing?

making it harder and harder to fall in love…

–c. lightning


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