Kleenex anyone?

Yeah, so I am officially sick. Literally, I feel like crap. All this happened within less than 24 hours. It totally SUCKS. My body aches, my glands feel swollen, my head is aching only on one side, my nose is running, jut a mess. I really hate getting sick as I know the rest of you probably do as well. I believe it could have come from my cousin BRITTANY (I am telling on you), Roman, or swimming when it wasn’t that hot out or just good ole’ germs from the world. Thank God I don’t have any gigs this week.

I remember I had to perform when I had the flu for the BIG BOI PRESENTS…GOT PURP?: Vol. 2 album release party at Club 1150. Everybody was there too, Cee-lo, Jazzy Pha, Puffy or Diddy, Dallas Austin, just a lot of people in the music industry from Atlanta, a huge crowd, and I thought I was gonna completely pass out on stage. I had to perform “Lettin’ Go!” and that song requires a lot of energy to pull off. But, I was kinda proud of myself, I believe that was prob. one of my best performances of “Lettin’g GO!” to date. I was so scared I was gone mess up, I started thinking like a super-hero who is trying to save a little boy from getting hit by a car. There was no other option, but to SAVE that little freckled faced boy! God was with me though.

Anywho, I went to The Roots concert at Fever last night and had the pleasure of meeting ?uestlove. He is really a great person. I got that from him within the first 10 seconds. You can totally tell that he has not lost himself while being apart of a very successful band all these years or the music industry. It really lets me know that there are still genuinely cool people making music and that you totally don’t have to act like a divo or diva to get respect. Just BE…

Well, I have to eat now.


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