MitchOW!ski, you better blog!

So yeah, I’m here at Wondaland, and two of the Wolfmasters, (Z and Lightning; who are also some young black punks who call themselves Deep Cotton) cornered me in a dark, hallway, held knives and nunchucks to my neck, and informed me that I need to blog. I’ve actually been meaning to, but I’ve procrastinated for a number of reasons:

1. I’m iffy on blogs for the same reason I dislike Myspace (except for real artists: and reality shows: The air of self importance they are associated with. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do think I’m important, but I don’t necessarily think everybody else should think I am (not yet at least… ahehehe! just kidding…but not really.) I just don’t see anybody really caring what I have to say at this point in time.

2. I’m an artist by nature. I draw, paint, play music, write music, kick, punch, throw elbows & knees, etc… BUT, only when I’m inspired to do so. I just haven’t been inspired to blog. Chuck Lightninin (yes, Lightninin) is a writer by nature and by trade! He just wrote a doggone script in a week! It’s like eating, sleeping, and $#!+’ing to him. That being said…

My colleague and fellow (drawing) artist, Control+Z (the aforementioned Wolfmaster) informed me that, in the words of Charles Lightning, “It’s not even like that.” He said “It’s more sketching than drawing. Just get on and type what comes to you.” So that’s what I’m doing. So I’m going to try to come up with stuff to write about on a semi-regular basis. So I’m going to pretend that what I’m going to say matters to anyone else besides myself and the W.A.S. (not even sure if they care.. ahhaheheaheaheahaeh!) I already have some ideas that I’ve been thinking about. Here are some of my ideas:

-The “Good Team” and Anti-Niggativity

-Why I don’t support black cinema


-Why Janelle Monae is better than your favorite artist… FOR REAL. No, actually… “Why Janelle Monae is your new favorite artist.”

-“Oh, so ya’ll n!&&@$ skateboarding now?”: Rise of the black Pseudo-skater/Rockstar (and other false trendsetters)…That’s if that $#!+ is still in style by the time I get around to blogging about it. And finally,

-Wonder and Imagination vs. Knowledge and Practicality: Which side(s) are you on?

If I have to blog, I’ma blog… My blogs will be probably be a tad self-centered, a bit offensive, a bit brash and politically incorrect. Nobody’s gonna read it anyway right?

-Mitchell A. Martian
Lord of The Cybersoul Patrol
The Wondaland Arts Society

P.S. I really am a nice guy, but this is the internet! You know, alter egos, hiding behind screen-names and such.


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