Arithmetic for Playas Pt. 1

Arithmetic For Playas Pt. 1

So I’m broke. But even broke people get hungry.

So I went to Taco Bell yesterday for three Soft Taco supremes.

I took with me three singles, four quarters and about eight dimes.

Playas let’s do the math: that’s $4.80.

Ordered my food, got to the window and the woman says $5.43. And I’ll admit I was shocked. Thought I had spent $4.50 max. Didn’t do the math.

Golden Lesson #1: When you’re broke, always do the math.

Not knowing what to do, I looked from the cashier over to the lovely young lady with me and felt a tidal wave of embarassment settin in. And as I began to count my dimes nervously, I could feel the cashier glaring at me, as if to say…i can’t believe this shit, this broke ass n*gg* in a tuxedo and a BMW…

Now playas what should I do:

a) cuss her out for messin’ up my order and then order something MUCH cheaper

b) throw some quarters at her and drive off, saying “Bitch, I dont want no food noway!”

c) put on my George Bush mask, grab the AK out the trunk and rob Taco Bell (I can hear them on the phone with the cops after I left: “No officer it was George Bush in a tuxedo- with an AK!”)

d) write a check I know will bounce

e) all of the above

–c. lightning


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