Heat Bumps Anybody?!!!

So yeah, I have been very puzzled over the last few days, as to what the hell these tiny bumps are on my face. I have been taking benedryl, drinking lots of water, using Proactiv, and staring at myself in the mirror, relentlessly. I thought I had adult acne (nothing wrong with it), an allergic reaction, poison ivy, and poison oak. I searched all over the internet, including webMD (helpful site by the way), looking for answers! And still, no answers.

Then today, my good friend and guitarist, Kellis Parker (one of THE best around) examined my face and said, “Those look like heat bumps.” Then another incredible talent, Chuck Lightning (yeah THE Chuck Lightning on this site) looked at me like a grandfather would his old car and said, “Oh yeah, you got heat bumps.”

So, I just stood there waiting for one of them to tell me to do this or do that in order to get rid of the little buddies, and to my surprise, what do ya’ know, they had no suggestions, solutions, no FREAKING answers! No answers.:-( I am stuck with about 50 heat bumps all over my face.

So people, your “Hero” has heat bumps.

I know this may sound weird, but in a sense, I am glad to have these bumps. I really had to put my life in perspective. I really had to ask myself, if beauty on the outside isn’t all that important to me, why am I uncomfortable with people looking at my face again? I missed a going away party last Friday because of this! Why was I that concerned with my outer appearance again, if I strive to be a more beautiful person on the inside? Great question. I am confused with all this.

Everything happens for a reason, I suppose. I guess heat bumps aren’t so bad after all. Every now and again, we all need a reality check. Heat bumps for you my friend?:-)



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