A Virgin in the Blog Community


Lord Disassembler here. Well, this is my very first blog ever, hence the “virgin” title. I never thought that I had anything to say that would interest readers. But Chuck Lightning informed me that what I do everyday for The W.A.S. and Janelle Monae is interesting enough. So here I go.

First off, my name is George “Rico” Rodriguez aka Lord Disassembler. I have been blessed with the opportunity to manage Janelle Monae and I am also a member of the Wondaland Arts Society. My role is to create and manage opportunities for Janelle Monae that will advance her career to the highest level possible. On a smaller scale, I’m also the alarm clock, reminder, scheduler, water getter, and the one with the answers. (at least supposed to have the answers 😉
Today was the interview and photo shoot for The Fader magazine. Everything went great, we got some really good shots and the interview went great as well. I will let you know when the issue is available. We also had a meeting with a company in regards to some distribution avenues. That went well, we’ll see what happens.

Well, now that you know a little about me, let me tell you about a couple of things that have bothered me lately.

1. The Sopranos series finale!

Are you serious? I have been a loyal watcher for 7 long seasons, been through push backs and having to watch previous seasons because I almost forgot what the hell was going on, to end with a black screen! For those who know, The W.A.S. were in Miami, which means I drove 10 hours back to Atlanta for a silent black screen. I thought my satellite went out or something, then the credits pop up like knives in my back. Unbelievable. Enough about that.

2. Arbitrary phone calls.

Now I love the people and would love to talk to all of you, but my number is available for business purposes only. I got a call the day of the Studio 900 show from someone asking for directions to the venue. I almost dropped the phone! You all can only imagine what goes on during show day. There is setup, sound checks, guest list requests and a number of other things that would be a little more of a priority than giving directions. I tried to handle it cool and collective but quickly advised them to go to mapquest and that I hope to see them at the show….thank you and god bless. And that’s not the first and I’m sure won’t be the last “are you serious” phone call.

Well, that concludes my first blog, that wasn’t so hard. I will be coming back daily…or every two days to share with you the crazy world of management in the music industry and what else has bothered me. Until then…happy trails!

Lord Rico


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