"After the weather, Janelle Monáe will be performing?!!!"- FOX 5 Atlanta

Greetings my loves!

So yeah, yesterday I performed on Fox5 Atlanta on the morning show, Good Day Atlanta! Thanks to all of you who watched!

It was crazy! I had to be there by 7 this morning and I only had 3 HOURS OF SLEEP, not complaining just reflecting!:-) And even though the beautiful and nice host kept calling me “Janae” they were all such cool people! Thanks 4 everything! There is even talks of them bringing us back!:-) I guess I am just excited because I know that I am not signed to a major and have not a song on the radio and got to perform on a news station, right after the weather! (hahahehahe) Seriously, I am highly gratified and extra humbled. (To see the interview and perfomance check out the link on my page or go to:


Also, I just came back from St. Kitts with Big Boi and that was a good experience! I got to perfom during his set. Thanks BIG!

I did VSHH! and “Call the Law” (Outkast Idlewild album).

The crowd? Well, let’s just say I was stared at… No honestly, I was received pretty well for a crowd to be up at 3 a.m. (yes, it is so, we did not start til’ almost 3 in the morning! Not complaining, just reflecting).:-) and never have heard “Violet Stars Happy Hunting!” at all. I only say that because their popular radio station was still playing Usher and Alicia Keys, “My Boo”. So I get the feeling and I may be wrong, that they grasp on to music late or have a hard time letting go (no pun intended), which could be a good thing for artists.:-)

I was a bit frustrated with myself I must admit. I really wanted to jump extremely high off the stage, land, and pour water on the audience.:-) After my performance of “Call the Law”, I looked down, realized how far of a jump it was and punked out.:-( Arrrggghh I was mad afterwards. Maybe I made a good decision because one of the dancers did such a cool flip off the stage, landed wrong and hurt is foot and ankle. He had to use a wheel chair at the airport on the way back to Atlanta. Who knows, maybe next time for me?:-/

On a better note, I got my first out-of-the-states interview with a guy from London! I was totally not expecting that. I got a chance to experience a real press room. A room of people all over the world lined up to interview you. It was very overwhelming at times. I believe I did pretty well in my interviews, I just hope somebody was and is inspired.

Good day world,



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