Maaan, that M.I.A. (The story of a celeb-crush)

Okay, so first let me start by saying that I normally don’t really get in to sweating “celebrities” too tough. When hearing guys talk about how much in love with chicks like Beyonce’, Janet Jackson, or whomover come up, I just can’t relate. It’s not that i don’t think they’re beautiful, talented, and good at what they do. It’s just that their art doesn’t really touch me personally, and they’re music doesn’t hit the way I like my music to hit. Just doesn’t have that “edge” I require from music that I enjoy.

But then there’s M.I.A.

I’ve known about M.I.A. since before here first album came out. I was semi-interested, and I checked out her first LP. I respected what she was doing, but I can’t say I was a fan. Anyway, I’m not a critic, and I don’t do music reviews so I’ll just leave it at that.

But man, her new album “Kala” is jammin’. Some of my favorite songs are “Bamboo Banga,” “Bird Flu,” “Boyz,” “World Town,” and “Paper Planes” to name a few. There are not many (any) contemporary female artists out right now who’s music I am even the least bit interested in (Except of course my fav. artist and colleague, Janelle Monáe.) All of it seems so geared toward the concreteloop crowd (no diss).

So, M.I.A. has created an album that, as a guy, I can play in my car with the windows down and not look feel like a sucka.

But anyway, back to the crush. Of course she’s a pretty chick, but it’s more than that for me. Maybe it’s the English accent that is super-prominent on all of her records (I got this thing for ladies with accents,) or the fact that she’s somewhat of a weirdo, a world traveler, and a rebel. Maybe I just love the music and I only think I have a crush on her. Either way, I do know the exact moment the crush developed. It was when my dear friend Wolfmaster Lightning showed me this video:

And it was furthered after listening, no, jamming to “Kala,” and even more when reading this interview:

So anyway, I definitely think anyone who is vibing with what we are doing here at The Wondaland Arts Society should check out M.I.A.’s new album “Kala.”

And M.I.A., may our paths cross soon (ahahheehe! Just playin’!)

-Mitch Mitchowski
Wondaland Arts Society
Lord of The Cybersoul Patrol, Metropolis.


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