Bam Bam again…

Geeze, Mary Louise…Following Chuck SUCKS…cause he killed it…and man oh man why is he so smart and so introspective when he writes? But not so much when he speaks…so Chuck, please be as amazing in the waking life as you are in the blog world and please put less pressure on those following you.

Dear Reader: find it in your heart to disregard the fact that I’m not espousing like Chuckie Lightning cause I don’t think that anyone can really chase his monster man infused magic. Love him, but damn he’s annoying cause he’s just so fantastic, fantastic, fan…ok, that’s enough.

Anyhoo…there are two bands that I want to talk about but I cant get off Lightning’s blog…killer, killer, killled and he killed it. Still digesting it…thanks for that, Wolfmaster…now get back to work , stop writing and call Chad. I know all my Wondakin are behind me on that! Let’s Doo Doo!

Doo Doo is how we explain how we get stuff done at Wondaland. We just Do Do…aka Doo Doo. So we like to say at Wondaland…Wee Wee Doo Doo…Because We Do…and we get ish done…and so I say…Wee Wee Doo Doo!

And imma doo this blog… I have my own little girly crushes on bands that I think are more than valid (Mr. Martian, Mr. Chow Chow) and I think everyone in TV Land should check these folks out stat, pronto, faster than fast…

The bands are: So So Death and King Robot…You can find them at I love So So Death and I Am King Robot on the very popular myspace world of wacky tacky fun. Bam Bam loves punk. Therefore Bam Bam loves these hell raisers. Both bands take their respective genres and turn them on their heads. Take that Mom and Dad, huh! Power duo…So So Death does that…Power Duo…King Robot kills that. Have fun listening…Spit in my face on comments if you hate it. Bam Bam will live…might not walk (she needs a new knee)…but she’ll live… am I really talking about myself in the third person? Yikes!

Stanklin, what’s for Wondalunch?


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