Greetings all!

I can’t believe it’s been a week already. I guess time flies when your having fun…or busy as hell…or both. Some quick updates/news for ya…

JM will be performing at Hampton’s Homecoming this Friday Oct 12th. Should be fun, college crowds always are. And it’s another chance to spread the word about the best thing since the iPod…JM! All you HU students come out and support and see what everyone’s been talking about.
JM and Wondaland will be at Howard University on Oct 18th for their Homecoming Fashion Show. We’ve done a gig in DC before, so hopefully some of those past attendees will come and tell a friend to tell a friend. Because when you see JM perform…it’s like CRACK or KRISPY KREME’S…you need more and you need it fast. (I thought KK had crack in them?)

Hey…Howard and Hampton…who will be the LIVEST? People I tell are like…”Howard..oh that’s gonna be sick!” The majority don’t speak about Hampton. Now…Hampton…ya’ll gonna let this ride like that? Or are you gonna show JM who her REAL supporters are? Just a little friendly competition! JM might have to do something special for the livest school…

Then JM is headed to California for Stanford University on 10/27. I’m excited about this because that is a BIG market that we haven’t tapped.

Of course we are still promoting Suite I “The Chase”. Thanks to all who have been asking about Suite II, that means you already have Suite I and know what the deal is. For those who are like “WHAT?”…you are late and need to get on the ball…seriously! You can go to and get Suite I, a t-shirt, a poster and Krispy Kreme’s…(not really). I’m guaranteeing your pleasure!

That is all for today cyberworld! See ya next week…

Lord Rico Rodriguez
Lord Disassembler
The W.A.S.


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