The Imagination Proclamation

Every movement needs a manifesto. Attached below you will find the text of ours: THE IMAGINATION PROCLAMATION.

Like all things, it’s a work in progress. In all honesty, this is a first draft, a grinning baby taking its first steps in the grass. The WAS met and talked about it, but it has yet to be formally adopted, printed, signed ceremoniously by all the members with a quill pen and then framed and hung on the wall. The plan is not just to use the document to beautify Wondaland, but to use it like Google uses its motto–“don’t do evil”–as a way to announce to the world what we’re about and inspire movements like ours around the world.

That being said, you can help us!

Read the text below. Then… send questions, comments, and concerns. Send nightmares and daydreams. Send anything that you find inspiring. And if you possess superpowers that you think might help us save the world, please keep us informed.



We have the right to our own imaginations.

We have the right to rent out houses there to sirens who type long letters to sailors they knew long ago.

We have the right to chase the songs of these sirens, and to traverse the seas chasing the leviathan, chasing the ends of the earth.

We have the right to make and use magic.

We have the right to use this magic to free cyborgs, build new cities and reveal the secret history of the future.

We have the right to live in these new cities where magic bears no monsters, children run the government, and men go back to school to learn how to become children again.

We have the right to technology.

We have the right to use this technology to build gardens that grow inside.

We have the right to build rabbitholes in these gardens:
havens for the world’s outcasts, misfits and dispossessed.

Lastly, we have the right to majesty.

We have the inalienable right to smile in this golden age: to thrive instead of survive, to live as kings, learn as wizards, as well as bear the responsibility of leadership.

And in all these things, we bear and accept the right to pursue happiness, liberty and equality to the ends of the earth—

And beyond from this life to the next.

–chuck lightning

p.s. And Happy Birthday Mitch Mitchums!!


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