So, to piggy back…

Manoman has it been a very busy week here at the WAS. As I am sure you that you have begun to piece together, the WAS has really started the set design process. The project to really do more to enhance, magnify& propel the magic has injected an additional dose of energy into the already hectic world of Wondaland. We have made quite a few changes, major and minor, that are really having an “I can feel the difference instantly” moment. We have fertilized & cut the Wondagrass, recruited new flying goldfish that give you kisses when you ask for them and also added a few pieces of furniture that allow levitation with a simple thought. Yes, my friends, it is really shaping up.

There are,however, a few ideas that we are still trying to work out. For instance, there is a certain lava lamp that has offered us a few challenges. For a lava lamp, it is really cool. I like the fact that it is moving and has vibrant colors. But in real application it has become more challenging to make fit. We run into problems whenever we place it somewhere in Wondaland because it really takes a very determined position within the decor.Lord Disassembler has thrown out a few ideas but they don’t give it quite the pop that it needs. So I guess that we will have to keep working on it. If you have any ideas please let me know.

I am really excited to see what the finished set will look like. I will definitely keep you posted on the any challenges that arise and our successes.

– Wolfmaster Stanklin

Wondalunch: Today

Lettuce Wedge Taco Salad
Spanish Rice
Refried Butter Beans
Dessert: Mitch’s Birthday Cake

Wondalunch: Tomorrow

Herb Roasted Chicken
Aspargus with a Balsamic Glaze Drizzle
Spring Mix Salad
Dessert: Nate Wonder’s Mom’s Magnificent Pound Cake


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