The Twilight Zone!

Greetings all,

First off…the week started off wrong for me. If you don’t know, I’m the biggest NY Yankee fan that ever touched this green earth. And they thought it would be cool to lose in the first round of the playoffs to the CLEVELAND INDIANS…WHO? Incredible! But the baseball season is over (at least to me) so whatever!

As you all know we were at Hampton University yesterday for the Block Party. It was a lot of fun and the show was great. No need to say how JM did but…oh well…she killed it AGAIN! The craziness didn’t start until after the show.

We were taken to a couple of clubs in the area and boy was I scared! Picture a club with good music, good lookin’ people, pretty girls dancing on the bar, etc. Now, imagine the exact opposite…and you are there at the club where we were. Boy oh boy…upon entry I almost passed out when I saw Roseanne Barr dancing on the bar…not exactly, but mine as well have been. Then you see a group of guys dancing a little too close for comfort and Eminem comes over the speakers “Guess who’s back…Shady’s back..back again!” You have now entered the TWILIGHT ZONE! I’ve never exited a club that fast unless there was a fire or people shooting. Definitely a night to remember…or forget…you be the judge.

But all in all it was a fun time and gave us another opportunity to spread the word about JM and the whole Wondaland movement. Shout out to Crystal Sessoms for taking care of us and the whole Hampton staff that was involved.

Well all…till next week.

Lord Rico


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