Sick Sick

Bam Bam is sick sick…cough cough…oops stuff coming up up…run run…sleep sleep…read read…haze haze…fog fog…no insurance surance…so no doc doc…just agua agua…and positive attitude, dude…flu flu…eff you you…flu flu, eff you you.

That’s my song and I’m sticking to it.

Being sick is always wack, but being sick during Morehouse homecoming weekend is way way wacker, ya’ll. Reading Jane’s blog was like rubbing salt in my flu wound. So happy it was incredible…wish I could’ve been there. Just woke up for the first time in 24 hours…a day…a whole day gone by while I was in the dream state/waking life. Kids, definitely go to the doctor if you’ve got insurance. I don’t have it and not only do I have the flu I’m also missing the crucial ligament in my right knee…I kneed surgery. Gonna be tricky with no insurance fo sho. But I have FALIEF…that’s faith mixed with a healthy dose of belief.

If you don’t have insurance and you get the flu, Dr. Bam Bam recommends Pedialyte…the wonda drug…available at most family friendly drug stores (i.e. you can’t get this on the corner). What is it, you ask? Well, gather round the fire place while I tell you of “the #1 pediatrician recommended solution to prevent dehydration due to diarrhea or vomiting. Pedialyte is specially formulated for infants and children to quickly replace lost fluid.” DON’T WAIT- REHYDRATE!! Pedialyte is also good for dogs that cant hold down their food. I’m very very in touch with my inner child so I ignore that infant and kid thing. If it’s good enough for your baby, it’s good enough for me. Besides, I’m still my mama’s baby.

Aight…on that note…baby is going back to sleep…see you in the summer when the hibernation is over…and the snow melts on my already long winter (oh snap, will I ever see snow again if the Earth keeps heating up like a sauna)…and the salmon swim upstream (oh shoot, no streams on salmon farms, only overcrowded pools)…and the flowers bloom (oh crud, there’s a mysterious disease killing all the bees, so we may not have flowers next year)…and the leaves come back on the trees (luckily we don’t live in cali where every tree in the southern part of the state is on fire)…forget it…I’m better off asleep and focusing on replenishing my electrolytes…GET YO LIFE RIGHT WITH PEDIALYTE!!

Disclaimer: Although Toddler Bam Bam looks eerily similar to the lil kid in the Pedialyte ad…that kiddo is not related to Bam Bam…neither is the dog…no Pedialyte was hurt in the writing of this blog.


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