Mitch, Why is your blog late?


So we just got back from the Bay area last night. JM had a couple of shows. I’m sure she’ll want to tell you all about them, so I’ll just say that they went extremely well. Besides a couple of true-blue fans, these crowds were probably the least familiar with her work. The crazy thing though, is that they had the most enthusiastic response of any crowd that she’s performed to thus far. Insane.

Anyway, I also found out that people actually read this blog! (Shout out to the Good-Knews and the Honor Roll!). No offense to our friends and regular readers, (What’s up Dot!) but it was kinda cool to meet a bunch of people who are actually keeping up with what the W.A.S. is doing. A few quick notes:

-Kellis and Kellindo Parker are unbearable. Waaaw. Funniest duo ever! Man! I can’t take it! We need to attach a GPS locater to them both:

-Be downstairs in the lobby at 11:00 really means 11:15, 11:20.

-Young Pete’s hihat work on Sincerely Jane at shows is THE SICKEST.

-It just doesn’t get old… I mean, at this point I have seen basically every performance that Janelle has done, and I’m not even close to bored with it. There’s something new every show. Maybe it’s seeing how new crowds react to the music. Or seeing Janelle give the same energy to every audience she performs for, regardless of the number of people.

I think people really appreciate when a performer doesn’t marginalize them or take them for granted.

I have never seen a new artist get these kinds of reactions with brand new, and for the most part, unknown songs.

It just doesn’t happen.

Well I guess now it does.

-We’ll have some awesome show footage up really soon for you guys and gals. I promise.

-I’m excited about Suite II coming to life.

-Things are only going to get crazier.

-Sorry no picture

-My name is Mitch



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