You are now free to…

…get me through security!

Greetings all,

Well as you all know The Society was in California this past weekend and we had a blast! But first let me talk a little about Airport Security…or rather Airport Interrogation. So we’re coming back from a great weekend in San Francisco and Kellindo and I are walking through the security check point. I make it through scott free but I look back and notice that Kellindo wasn’t as fortunate. It seems as though security had mistaken Kellindo’s guitar for a SCUD MISSILE! They empty out the gig bag, looking at wires, cables, guitar strings, and they even break out the wipey pad to make sure this guitar missile wouldn’t make it through and end the world as we know it. What made all this intense security necessary you ask? A freakin’ 9 volt battery…yup…a 9 volt battery. Apparently, a 9 volt battery raises a red flag in regards to bombs… On top of this, the security guard had a trainee next to her, so of course she had to do everything by the book which made the process that more intense. Just a thought for future reference…let’s focus on real security know people with black trench coats on, nose and moustache disguises, etc. Just a thought for you lovely airport security personnel.

Now back to the weekend. JM performed at Stanford University on Friday and the response was amazing. It was a very diverse crowd and they were jammin’ the whole time. The students swarmed to the merch table, JM signed CD’s, it was great. Special thanks to Josh Constine for bringing us out.

Saturday we were in Oakland for the Massquerade. This was a very different and interesting atmosphere but it was great. Good to see people trying to do different things in the urban community. JM killed the show and the people were definitely touched. Special thanks to Chris Adams, Tef, and the whole Good-Knews team!

I am aware that my latest installment is a little past due…chalk that up to being in a hotel where internet costs $10 per day and me refusing to be hustled by ridiculous hotel prices.

Till next time…

Lord Rico


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