Better late than never, eh?

So as I mentioned last week, we met some pretty cool people in the Bay Area.

One of the crews we met was the Honor Roll clique.

I met DJ Tap, Miss Josie Stingray, and Trackademics.

They were super-nice, super humble people.

They gave me a CD.

I just unpacked my suitcase last night and found it.

I listened to it.

It’s pretty tight.

Funny thing is, my younger brother, Matt, was bumping some of their music this summer when I was riding with him. I recognized some of the music from the CD they gave me.

When I told him I’d met them, and thought their music was dope, he acted like I was late as hell. ahahehaeh!

Anyway, I found out the song my brother was bumping is called “Grocery Bills” by Miss Josie Stingray ft. Trackademics (prod. by Trackademics)

It’s on her myspace page. Check it out:

She’s snappin’


Dr. Martin Muvyer Thing, Jr.


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