Please read.

To my friends and supporters:

Since the release and selling 10,000 copies of “The Chase”, I have been courted by a few major distribution companies. I am in the process of selecting a company to partner with my label, The Wondaland Arts Society.:)

I have decided that it is time my music be introduced to the Universe. It is time for the W.A.S to take over the lands. It is time that our friends and family be able to come see me perform in your city and physically walk into Walmart and pick up all four suites. It is time for videos and movies to be made. It is time to move forward and take “Metropolis” to greater heights. It’s just time…

Kate: Does this mean the music will change? No more kicking mic stands at your shows? Will your hair and clothes disappear too?


I will and can reassure you that I will not be compromising my image or figuring out how I can fit into the mainstream of things. It will not be that kind of situation at all. Any decisions made about me and my image will be because I decided it was cool. In fact, I  am not even having discussions with companies who don’t appreciate my artistic direction physically and musically. We are not wasting our time talking to such people.

I wanted to thank you personally for your love, prayers, word of mouth, magazine write ups, blog posts, college radio spins, and helping us reach 10,000 copies sold! All these things helped get me to this point. It is only right to keep you in the loop about these sorts of things. I will have to share my music with the rest of the world now and to know that my genuine supporters are behind me 100%, makes me feel so blessed.

I love you all and I will keep you posted. Feel free to ask questions or make statements.:)



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