WUNDA HITFABRIK!! (pronounced voonda hit fabreek)

AHEM, AHEM…let me clear my throat…HEAR YE HEAR YE: yesterday the wondaland arts society took a meeting with Werner Wanderer Wieschnitzel, a leading german architect and outdoor space engineer, a.k.a. Konfunkteurin (hee hee, he said funk) or Raumfarttechniker (hee hee, he said fart) or Heizungsmonsteur (hee hee, he said monster)… sorry i’m listening…as I was saying…the W.A.S. took a meeting with a dude wearing leiderhozen, eating bratwurst mit kaas, who had little wee glasses, little wee mustache and little wee feet, but he had wonda big BIG designs, brains, thoughts…in short: he was ein Mann mit Ideen (a man with ideas, folks!)…

The German and the W.A.S. conjured efficacy and productivity spells all day and as the sun went down Herr Wieschnitzel presented us with the new Way to Work Wonders or Wundas. The W.A.S., starting with the Tonmeister (Sound Master) N8 Wonder, will be moving creation to the outside property that adjoins our forest and abuts our jungle here in Cascadeburg. Each member will have a Studiotechnik (work pod or twerk pod) on the grounds outside Wonda Proper (see images above) in which to create whatever their heart (or Jane, N8 and Uhuck) desire.

Lord Disassembler will have a pod in which to disassemble; Kellindo will have a pod in which to kake; Lord of Loins will have a pod in which to cook brown eggs and ham; Mean Martin will have a pod in which to sketch Bad Blood; Dalai Lightning will have a pod in which to brew rain delays; 2.0 will have a pod in which to couch jump; N8 will have a pod in which to kick the ceiling (he’s a springy brotha); Ms. Lee will have a pod in which to be lovely lovely lovely; I Bam Bam will get a pod in which to recklessly drive, tear ligaments…wait…i mean sew the new cape, minister propoganda, find peace and make dreams come true. All interns will get a pod, except A JO…Lord Disassembler says she’s not ready…

So watch for the Wonda Pods coming straight from Germany to our little village… It’s all in the name of the Hitfabrik! Which Werner Wanderer Wieschnitzel explained means recording studio churning out hit songs in German. Wunderbar, fantastisch…

End Note: If you build it they will come, visualize realize, manifest destiny…you know what i’m saying…Wieschnitzel will be here any day now.


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