Collective Karma

We’ve gotta get up on our feet immediately. We’ve gotta stand straight up to see what in the world is falling down all around us. Somewhere along the shortcut to becoming a Superpower Nation Monster Beast… we became a Superpower Nation Monster Beast.

The U.S. currently holds more people in prison than any other nation in the world…we’ve got more hemmed up than South Africa did during Apartheid.

Iraqi Deaths Due to United States, U.S., us Invasion………………..1,109,934

it’s hOT! Is it November or June?

We could’ve given over 22 million kids four-year scholarships to public universities for the cost of this war

we’ve been at war for seven yearswe’ve been at war for 7 years.

The levees broke.

5% of the population of Georgia doesn’t have enough food.

The governor is praying for water on national television.

Your freedom’s in a bind…
Your freedom’s in your mind..

Bam Bam


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