Mitch Mitchowskivitz here…

(This was inspired by a conversation with Chuck Lightning, and is semi-random):

The Wondaland Arts Society is not rated “G”

Yes we love cotton candy, popcorn, and yes there is grass in Wondaland.

But this ain’t the carnival. Though sometimes it can be a circus.

Yes, we endeavor to have a positive impact on all those who we come in contact with, and we seek to infuse our art and business with positive energy.

But this is not a children’s show. Think Funkadelic, not “Barney and Friends.”

Yes the Wondaland Arts Society seeks to create a communal/family/party experience whenever possible.

But the W.A.S. is a company, not a clique.

Yes I am a square

But an ice cube.

-Dr. Martin Muvyer Thing, Jr.

*Thanks to all who came out to the show at Lenny’s last night. We hope you ingeorgia selves. We sure did.

*Shout out to the W.A.S. intern team. Karelia Moore, Rasheed Mack, Aaron Griffin, and Alex Joseph (A. Jo!)

*Last night was Deep Cotton’s tightest show yet. I had a scream.

*Happy Birthday Janelle and Charles.


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