My apologies gentlefolk…

Happy Holiday Season-ing true believers!

My blog is indeed a day late. (Janelle posted hers at three in the morning! Great Scott!)

I have been flu-ish this past week, so I’ve been in bed eating soup, drinking orange juice, and soiling handkerchiefs.

Quite the uneventful week for the most part

No revelations or epiphanies while in quarantine.

Not much work done either.

I did read a bunch of comic books though (X-Men: Messiah Complex, DC Countdown)

Watched a lot of political coverage.

Back in the saddle (work) today though.

Still on that green tea and vitamin C.

I got a lot of rest, but I’m feeling Rip Van Winkle-ish.

Time to catch up.

What’s new, citizens?

-Mitchell Alan

Oh yeah! I almost forgot!

I was able to fix my 4th Gen iPod that had been broken for almost a year! It has about 4,600 songs on it (some of which are super rare and don’t really exist any other place). In my boredom, I slammed it on the ground and it started working! I was able to back up all those songs on my computer! Yuuaaaahh!

This is a big deal people.

*Soon after coming out of a coma, the iPod once again ceased to function, but not before giving a guy the most awesome Christmas gift!


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