That’s Hot!

Greetings all,

Sorry for my late post, I was too busy tanning outside and sipping Pina Colada’s this weekend. Well actually I didn’t do all that but I could have. It is December and its 75 degrees. That doesn’t seem right to me. I’m not a scientist or anything, but whoever doesn’t believe in Global Warming needs to…well…ya’ll need to do something. This is the most obvious thing going on in the world right now and it’s amazing to me that we have a President who thinks its not real. Maybe he’s right…negative!

Hmmm…let me think out loud for a second. The overall temperature of the Earth is rising which means it will be getting worse as time goes on. So let’s say in 5 years it will be 80 degrees in December in Atlanta. Not cool…literally! People please take time out to see what you can do to help slow down this process, whether it’s changing the car you drive or unplugging things in your house before you leave, etc. Just find out what you can do to help. Start now before the next generation is tanning in January. Oh yeah…and speaking of January, my birthday is the 25th. Just ask for an address to send goodies to…lol..j/k…”unless you gon’ do it!”.

Till next time…

Oh…my frozen concoction is ready…yippee! Tan…here I come!


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