So I was reading the latest issue of Esquire Magazine at 3am on Saturday (Friday night) and the last thing I read was a section called “What I’ve Learned.” It’s where they let various celebrities, politicians, and anybody else who they find interesting tell the readers “what they’ve learned.”


After reading I tried to go to bed, but I began thinking about what I’ve learned, specifically this past year. So I started jotting on my phone, and what I came up with was:

The Mighty Mighty Mitch Mitchowski’s “What I’ve Learned: 2007”

Doing is the remedy for doubting.

I don’t love money. I don’t even like money. I actually hate money. I
just want a lot of it so that I no longer have to think about it.

-The more you are, the less it takes.

-It can be done.

We shouldn’t look to the government to save the world, or for anyone
to save the world through government. We should be careful of both
lionizing and demonizing individuals in government and politics. I
know its cliche’ but we should BE the change we want to see ourselves.

I need to improve my posture.

-I love a good book, but, I’d rather actually canoe through the amazon,
deep sea dive, and jump out of a plane than read about it. I’d rather play ball than watch it on TV.

-Things I missed in 2007: writing/creating music daily, practicing my martial arts, and Missy Elliott

-Things I just miss period: speaking Spanish, playing basketball,
drawing/art, and having a girlfriend… (sike!)

You’re not qualified to speak about injustice, racism, classism, or prejudice
anywhere in the world unless you treat EVERY person with whom you come into contact equally and with a consistent level of respect.

-The loudest one is usually always the lamest one. Be cool, folk.

-I really appreciate being from Atlanta

-“LOST” really is a phenomenal show. I watched all three seasons within
a month’s time. Thanks Nate 1-der, Janelle, and Delvin!

-As a generation, we’re less of men than our fathers and grandfathers.
We’re way softer, more materialistic, and less responsible. Too many
factors at blame to name. In a fight between 20 somethings and 50
somethings, my money’s on the OG’s. This transcends race and background.

Ah ah ah ah ah I’m an alien from outer space!

-Anger can help motivate to a point, but after that point it becomes
counter-productive. It becomes bitterness and you must let it go to continue to
move forward.

-I don’t think I’ll ever really care about Hip-Hop music as a whole
again. I see myself just liking a song here and there. Same for mainstream R&B.

-I can show you better than I can tell you, and actually I’d prefer to.

-I got flayverrr!

-Accurate Racial profiling equation for 2007: Dodge Charger=Negro behind the
wheel. Go ahead and pull up next to ’em, I’ll wait….. See I told you.

-If it can’t be said briefly, it probably doesn’t need to be said.

-I hate bickering, but I appreciate argument and debate.

-She has to have some soul, and preferably an accent (southern, country, english, foreign)

-Listen to everyone, but know who you’re listening to. Because with some people you should do exactly as they tell you, and with others you should do the exact opposite of what they tell you.


Alright y’all, here’s to a great Oh Wait! Happy New Year. With Excitivity!



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