Wind Will

so i had an interesting convo with n8 wonder (iphone devotee) last night regarding the new Hot Air Steve Jobs is peddling to the masses. only problem is that with a price point of $1799, the masses can’t afford it. so i’m taking a lengthy breather from the Mac aesthetic and finding joy in genius machines that are crude, bulky, dirty and …cheap (no, i am not talking about my blackberry)! i stumbled on a blog called Afrigadget whilst n8 decried said Mac Hot Air and found a new well of inspiration to fill up at…read the stories, meet the inventors, marvel at the solutions and remember that we have more than everything we need to get anything done. and i’m perplexed (sad, really) because a young man can make a windmill that powers his family’s house for $16 in Africa and in America i’m being sold Hot Air for 1000 times that. excuse me while i go pray.


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