This just in…


Greetings all,

For those who came to the JM show last night, you can confirm my claim. Lightning and Wonder went hog wild on the stage last night. Mic stands flying, mics flying, water pouring, Chuck flying on and off, the stage. The crazy part is that all this happened on the first song…lol. Oh how we love DC…

SCAR came through and performed a few songs, thanks homie! Frontman of the band Tendaberry also performed and did a great job…thanks J Dog…lol.

And the highlight of the night of course, Ms. Monae. We had a last minute situation where our drummer had to leave town but she handled the situation like a true professional, cool, calm, and collective. Too bad I can’t say the same for me. I was all over the place yesterday but it all worked out…THANK GOD!

Special shout out to Dewayne for filling in and making it happen in the clutch…much appreciated homie!

For those who came I hope you enjoyed yourself and if you didn’t…you really missed an amazing show. Thanks to Smith’s Olde Bar for their hospitality…sorry about the stage…lol.

Till next time…


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