Strawberries, The overrated fruit.

Glee-tings cats and kittens, chicks and chickens,

Just had dinner with my folks.

For Dessert I had Vanilla ice cream with strawberries in it.

It got me thinking about how much people really like (or claim to like) strawberries.

Then I started thinking about all of the fruits that don’t get the same love as strawberries but taste much better.

I understand the sexual/erotic associations of strawberries, and though I must admit they look kinda cool, May I recommend a nice soft, ripe peach as a more suitable fruit for such concerns. And to me, most strawberries aren’t particularly sweet. You can’t even eat most of it, and the seeds are always kinda annoying. So here is my list of fruits that are tastier than strawberries.

-Peaches & Nectarines (Ripe)
-Plums (Ripe)
-Oranges and Tangerines
-Grapes (Red seedless)

Thank you for your time. Be sweet.

Mitch Mitchardson


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