Me and the Tutu!

Things are moving, but I had to type quickly from my phone and Thank
You. Thank you so much for supporting me today, right now…

Thank you for supporting my music, my message, my dreams…

You play a huge role in my life and career.

Thank you for supporting the "big" ballet production at The Fox
Theatre (even those there in spirit) over the last 4 days. It was a
wonderful experience for me. I needed that energy. I have learned so
much. I feel better so much better knowing what I know…

I went into the production willing to give myself and take away
knowledge from the beautiful art form that is, ballet.

Singing and walking on my toes wasn't easy and in fact took lots of
time and practice. Choregraphy isn't apart of my normal routine on
stage, so learning how to adapt was also a challenge I wanted to take

I really hope someone was inspired…

Thank you Lauri (choreographer) for helping push my vision.

Thank you Big Boi!:) We had such a great time! Loved how you just
stormed in my dressing room!;) gracias Atlanta ballet dancers/artists,
it's such an honor to be near others with similar energy. I will be
pointing my toes even harder now!

To my tutu, I miss you and did not want to ever take you off! I love
ballet attire.

*My mom's in town so I need to go back to enjoying her warm love and

See you at Criminal Records for Record Store Day (April 19)! I will be
in "experimenting on stage" mode…


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