Even In Darkness…

We all love OutKast right? Goodie Mob, Cee-lo, Big Boi, Dre 3000 etc? Man wouldn’t it be cool if they just did a whole album together? That would be sick huh?


They did…

in 2001…

I’m surprised at how many “fans” of OutKast and Goodie Mob haven’t heard this album or the music from it. It dropped during the Stankonia “era” when everyone was still bumping “Ms. Jackson,” so I guess that’s why it got overlooked. It’s one of my favorite albums and I still bump it to this day. Cee-lo really shines throughout this whole album. His work here is as good as anything he’s done. Big Boi as well. He is snapping on the whole album. Sleepy Brown, Dre, everyone is here. Organized Noize and Earthtone III (Outkast + Mr. DJ) produced the entire album. It’s as creative and as jamming as anything you’ve heard from them.

So, for the younger readers, and those who just missed this somehow, Here are some of my favorite songs from the Dungeon Family’s “Even in Darkness.” Check it Out:

*Crooked Booty. My favorite. One of the funkiest tracks ever:

*6 Minutes… Jammin’:

*Rollin’…C’mon man. For real?

*White Gutz…”That’s what they love”:

I’m just sayin’. What say you?

-Mitch Mitchowski


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