Jamie Lidell, Little Dragon, T-Pain, and Of Montreal…

Ok, so JM has been doing some dates opening for Jamie Lidell during his current North American tour.

He’s a supremely talented musician and all around great guy. So I figured I’d put you guys on to some of his music in case you don’t know about him.
Here’s the video for his lead single from his latest album Jim. It’s called Another Day. (click “watch in high quality”)

Ok, so I’m a little late on this next band, but a good friend has been trying to tell me about them for a minute. They’re Little Dragon and they’re from Sweden. Their debut album came out in August 2007, but I just bought it off of iTunes a couple of days ago. It’s that fie. Their videos are quite funky and artistically done. Thanks Mac!

Finally, there are two albums I’m really looking forward to that are dropping over the next month or so. Of Montreal (out of Athens, GA) my favorite Indie Rock/Pop band is releasing their new album Skeletal Lamping on Oct 21. Their last 2 albums “Sunlandic Twins” and “Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?” are personal favorites of mine. They’re releasing their album in a very interesting way: http://www.polyvinylrecords.com/store/index.php?listID=22

Youtube ’em.

Then there’s T-Pain. Thr33 Rings. Coming next month (The 11th I think.) I really liked his last album and I like the singles he’s put out so far. Don’t really understand the hate he gets. In my opinion, as an artist/producer/writer, he’s brilliant. Maybe his subject matter is a little too base or ghetto/hood for some, but I think it’s fun. If he had more abstract or “different” subject matter, folks would be mentioning him along with the Pharrells and Cee-los of the world. All music can’t and shouldn’t occupy the same space or serve the same purpose. His $#!+’s jammin’. I would tell you to Youtube him, but you already know his songs! Aheehahhee!
Anyway. Stay Funky
Dr. Martin Muvyer Thing, Jr.

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