Meet my new friend Kevin Barnes!

Kevin is a musical genius… A golden andriod with a purple fist. He
plays the drums, piano, guitar, dandelion, and so much more– Wrote
and produced about 10 albums to date…

I went to check out his band "Of Montreal" @ Tabernacle (Atlanta) last
Saturday and my mind was blown…

What got me: I had seen a pic of Kevin in NY at his show riding a
white stallion. How sick?! I rared a white stallion in the short film,
Many Moons, and knew he and I spoke similar language and we needed to

Their latest release, Skeletal Lamping is amazing…

Check out the band "Of Montreal", If they
are in your town GO see em', ya won't be disappointed. Kevin's entire
team is amazing! Hey Sinkaine!

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