What the people are saying about The ArchAndroid #JanelleMonae

@lyrikLondon: I love @JanelleMonae .. i live my dreams of being an recording artist thru… She is the real deal!!!

@Danez_Smif practicing my tightrope like i’m getting ready for an 8th grade talent show. get like @janellemonae!

@iselismeli Can’t stop listening to @JanelleMonae #nowplaying “This is a cold war you better know what you’re fighting for” song is hitting me right now

@nailah i just looked at my play count for this @janellemonae album…i cannot believe it lol. i cant stop listening smh. tooooo tuffff

@Dottie_Funk @JanelleMonae. I know I will never be as great as you, but you’ve inspired me to try. Stank you smelly much!

@ geniusweenus #ArchAndroid from #JanelleMonae should not only be an ‘Emotion Picture’ it should McDefinitely be a Broadway too.

@SCP13 i only wish to make music as dope as @JanelleMonae

@BrandinSM #JanelleMonae…her album is masterful

@Hot_as_Ise I can’t stop listening to @JanelleMonae new album!! I love it

@CindiMayweather I’m about to go commit myself. This album is just too sick. @JanelleMonae.

@AyoDMak @JanelleMonae Picked up the album on Tuesday, and my little niece has hijacked it refuses to give it back…. 37 minutes ago via web in reply to JanelleMonae

@BarkBiteBlog My timeline is so crazy about @janellemonae I guess I really need to dig into her album. Loved the Letterman performance.

@SeanTheROBOT I haven’t heard an album as great as @JanelleMonae‘s The ArchAndroid in a long time…it’s a real album…a whole body of work…I love that


@SuburbanKitsch I don’t care if it’s not #mm #musicmonday, I LOVE @JanelleMonae #TheArchAndroid Listen to Cold War ♫ http://twt.fm/423378 Best album of year

@rumourz I must say, this @Janellemonae album is majestic. You can’t just listen to it in passing though, pay attention to the musicianship.

@Owens @JanelleMonae The ArchAndroid is the album of 2010. Period!

@SoDeZziRed I love how the first half of the album is so spazzed out and the second half is so chill… it’s perfect. The ArchAndroid @JanelleMonae

@AdrianaV @JanelleMonae Can’t stop listening to ArchAndroid, over and over– I ❤ ❤ ❤ it!

@AutriTheWrytr I think I’ma go ahead & drop this $ for @JanelleMonae‘s album! ☀ Good music lives.

@keiopensdoors @fredmac_lax yea @JanelleMonae‘s album is masterful….sounds like a movie soundtrack. I hate the word Epic, but its Epic.

@Suitkace I woke up at 8:30AM and had the ill toprock session to the new @JanelleMonae album. That’s one way to start your day off.

nastassiadavis @rebeKahnadine because we both LOVE @JanelleMonae!

rashadmusic#JanelleMonae‘s ArchAndroid sounds HUGE. Something like the musical equivalent of Avatar.” -Ben Westoff

iconic_ish Playing Pac-Man on the Google homepage while listening to @JanelleMonae‘s “The ArchAndroid” is making my morning!

@ Toyboxx007 Thank you @JanelleMonae for proving that creativity and originality still exists in this industry!!! I’m inspired!!!



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  1. Geniusweenus, nailed it!! Love reading all the comments!

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