Official Tour Dates

Thanks to Ms. Erykah Badu for letting us join her on her “Out my Mind… Just in Time”  2010 Tour!

Will we see you on the road?!!

Be there or regret it while you read someone else’s tweets 😉

(Also joining the tour for special dates, N.E.R.D, Bilal, Lupe Fiasco, B.O.B. & Quest Love. for updates!)

5/28 Washington, DC  – THANK YOU DC!
5/30 Baltimore, MD – THANK YOU BALTIMORE!

6/3 Chicago, IL
6/4 Detroit, MI, Thank you Detroit!
6/6 Boston, MA, Thank you Boston!
6/7 New York City, NY, Thank you New York!

6/8 Philadelphia, PA
6/10 Memphis, TN
6/13 Houston, TX
6/14 Dallas, TX
6/16 Denver, CO
6/18 Oakland, CA
6/20 Los Angeles, CA
6/22 San Diego, CA
6/23 Phoenix, AZ
6/24 Las Vegas


4 responses

  1. The ArchAndroid is totaly mesmerizing. “A pychedelic love ride through life & times” It has beautiful orchestral themes that float you through past memories of yesterday, reminders of today & hopes for tomorrow. Walt Disney mixed with The King Of Pop, Santana, Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Movies, Broadway, James Brown & everything else inbetween. A masterpiece of great depth and imagination. I love the basslines; they remind me of the 70’s and it flows like a movie on a cd. This concept reminds me of Michael Jackson’s visionary abilities. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Judging from this installment of the story Ms. Monae & W.A.S. is telling, i’m quite sure the continuing sequel will be a mindblower! A CD BLOCKBUSTER!I haven’t listened to anything else since it was released on the 18th of May.There hasn’t been fulfilling music like this in a long long time! I hope everyone picks up on this cd and elevate it past all the rump shaking music that’s out there today so the whole world can hear, feel and bask in its brilliance.
    Here’s to following the beat of your OWN drum………..FEARLESS!

    1. Thank you so much for your support! WE really appreciate you all!!!

      1. That’s my daddy!!!!!! You better do it and be on the computer making long comments about “The ArchAndroid” The Wondaland blog!!!! Lol! Our computer lessions are catching on.


        I love you.

  2. To my father using the computer on his own and giving his honest opinion about Wondaland’s music:

    *Grade= A

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