A Preview..

Pictures from the Out of My Mind, Just in Time Tour coming soon…


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  1. Man, you guys are so full of awesome.

    Thank you for making my night at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay in San Diego (June 22nd) – I was that wacky girl the Master of Ceremonies plucked from the audience to dance on stage during “Tightrope.” Talk about a magical experience – and with such incredible musician geniuses?! It was truly an honor. Not to mention a BLAST!!!

    My name *is* Sarah Loving, by the way 🙂 (And yes, the last name is real… and a pain in the butt in Middle School, as one might guess)

    Question: Can someone give a message to the Master of Ceremonies guy for me? The Message: Dude, thank you SO, SO much, from the bottom of my heart – as I am on fire for Janelle Monae’s music and vision, I’ll never regret being compelled to dance by the sheer genius that was being shared with us on that stage. I was content to be on foot and dancing in a sea of folks that just weren’t ready to join the party yet, but getting to be part of *YOUR* party? That was just the kindest, most magical thing you did for me. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life!

    If anyone has a picture of that moment – I’d certainly love to have a document to go along with such an awesome memory! (my Username on Facebook is “sarahloving” – the gal with the red mop of hair – perhaps someone will recognize me.)

    Anyways, thanks again so much and keep tipping!

    Peace and WISM to you all,

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