Janelle Monae in Vogue – Italy!

Check out her full video and interview here!


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  1. Embarrassed to admit it, but I am just now becoming familiar with Janelle Monae. Her music is reminiscent of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, with the rich rhythms and beats and joy. In particular, the horn section reminds me of EW&F; her dance style is very James Brownesque (walk that tightrope, girl!), and her fashion sense is so Davis and Dietrich; and she’s colored all of that with some pulsating rock a la Jagger and GnR! The fact that she is informed of and by all of these artists (and more), and has developed her own music/dance/fashion/performance style is nothing short of genius. Her voice is clear and pure and full and richly emotional; and the fact that she is a SYFY geek kind of sealed the deal for me.

    The uplifting words and music and rapturous attitude made me want to go out and buy Janelle’s CD for my granddaughter so that she would know and understand the evolutionary fullness of musical expression. I want to buy it for my uncle and my friends and myself; and I rarely buy music. Janelle has exposed me to a new strand of DNA that has evolved from of the musical tree of life, and I am so happy to know her music. I look forward to her continued growth and maturation as she makes her journey, and I will definitely be following her career.

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