Janelle Monáe covers Jet Magazine!

Quick! Run to grandma or great auntie’s house and check out Janelle’s first cover on Jet.  She made it now – she’ll be in the home of every black person over the age of 66.


8 responses

  1. ” she’ll be in the home of every black person over the age of 66.” lol

  2. Please sell copies of the Wondaland Arts Society poster! I’d be first in line to purchase one. I already own both the chase suite and the album! Would be appreciative! Thanks!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a copy of JET magazine….ever. So proud and happy to see her on the cover, nonetheless. And the article was enjoyable.
    JET Magazine.
    I love my people.

  4. Hmm, it’s not about being 66 or older only reading Jet. It’s about many younger people lacking willingness to read anything longer than a tweet.

  5. Should have added — it makes good business to recommend people BUY a copy of a publication that has placed an artist with whom you are involved on the cover. instead of insulting the publication. Who needs enemies when you have Wondaland Arts Society on your side?

  6. Had to have it to add to my growing J.Monae collection. PLUS I’m gonna be the “Party Girl” in the house in San Francisco at the Warfield on Friday, Oct. 29, 2010 at 9:00 pm (Janelle, you simply MUST perform “Sincerely, Jane”…so many people need to hear it. I am a SERIOUS fan who has been awaiting a SERIOUS artist who made SERIOUS music and I wish there was some other way to have gotten “The Audition” without downloading it for free ’cause Girl, you deserve to be PAID!!! PLEASE add “Metropolis” and “Cindi” to your next album…wish they would have been on the “METROPOLIS” album to introduce Cindi Mayweather and what she was about.

  7. I know if I went to either of my grandmother’s house at least one of them would have it (lol) but I bought it already!

  8. @ Halaluani–Amen! “Ppl over the age of 66”? LMAO at how narrow-minded some folks are. I never thought about purchasing a copy of VIBE magazine until I saw Ms. Monae on the cover (along with Sean Combs, Rick Ross, etc.). So what, was I too “old” to buy such a hip “young” magazine? I LOVE checking out the latest fashions in VOGUE and ELLE (although I can’t afford them), and I was Thrilled to purchase the copies that featured Janelle Monae, just like many of her fans of every age, race…WAIT…what’s age got to do with it anyway? Who said you had to be a certain ANYTHING to enjoy something worthwhile?

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