Janelle joins Cee-Lo on Lay It Down


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  1. Should I be jealous that this project is growing so fast and I cannot get my picture off the ground? I still follow W.A.S. because I honestly believe in the cause. There’s a spiritual aspect that empowers me. Nonetheless, I still have to say that I hope at some point I will reach physical heights that match the spiritual. Thanks

  2. Saw these, loved them, and commented on all three–Cee Lo and Ms. Monae are both amazing!

  3. Let’s see.. I don’t have a twitter, so I’ve been trying to find a way to wish Janelle a happy birthday.. Facebook wasn’t my ideal way of doing so, so I shall wish her a happy birthday by commenting on something completely unrelated to birthdays.. her I go..

    Hi, Janelle, if you are reading this..
    It’s your birthday, but I feel that you have given US [fans and thrivalicious thrivals] soo much! Motivation to be oneself, amazing music to listen to, dance to, rock out to, write music videos to [I have a great idea for a video for “Come Alive,” just saying], and more than anything, you make us thirst for something more; In our lives we get stuck in situations brought on by ourselves, mostly, but also by others, and we become unhappy.

    When I hear music someone’s creative expression, and it is truly a piece of that person, untainted, not watered down, and just complete bravery, it motivates me, as an artist and lover of music, not to be like that person, but to be a brave, unwatered-down version of myself. It is impossible to listen to your music without facing myself and asking myself “What is inside of you that needs to come out? How can you make that happen?”

    This is among the greatest gifts I’ve received in my life, and so, Janelle Monae, I hope that you are having an amazing birthday, because you give your fans the best gift. I couldn’t be more happy that my sister introduced me to your music, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. With everything I’m doing through right now, sometimes I just need to hear the right song, and very often, it is one of yours.

    -Amani Vernell

  4. I can’t get through an entire song without tears of joy. I had become cynical of the entire industry and now I remember what it feels like to truly FEEL music again. Thank you.

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