We survive on Funk.

We at Wondaland are inventors. We wear tuxedos everyday. We jump in pools during performances. We wear Civil War hats and rock vintage Jordans. We believe truth can be broken down with the following formula: Truth= Love x Imagination.

We believe songs are spaceships. We believe music is the weapon of the future. We believe books are stars.
We believe there are only three forms of music: good music, bad music and funk.

About Wondaland:

We have created our own state, our own republic. There is grass here. Grass sprouts from toilet seats, bookshelves, ceilings and floors. Grass makes us feel good. In this state, there are no laws, there is only music. Funk rules the spirit. And punk rules the courtrooms and marketplace. Period.

In this state, there is no food. We eat books and season them with wine and cotton candy. When you want the news, you read a comic book.

There is also Love. Sex. Wisdom. Magic and Wonder. These things add up to something new and ancient that we call WISM. WISM makes us feel good. Who needs drugs when you’ve got WISM?

About Gender:

We believe women are much smarter than men. And strive to act accordingly.

About Cities:

We have built several cities. We are always looking for a new city to live in. We have recently moved from Atlantis to Metropolis, a city of our own design. It’s the largest city in the world, but you can only see it by closing your eyes.

About Technology

We are watching Steve Jobs the way Berry Gordy watched Henry Ford. We believe in Moore’s Law, in time pacing, in micro-chunking, in nanofying, in monetizing, optimizing everything, and shipping products. We’re like a cross between Guy Kawasaki and James Brown.


23 responses

  1. I love this website!!! I’m a Huuuge Janelle Monae fan!! Clous 9 and Cindi are always playing on my ipod! The Archandroid is the hottnesss! Great Job Janelle!!!!
    Peace and Love

  2. Kristopher Rogers | Reply

    i love janelle monae and i want to join the w.a.s like i want to sine up and make an album

  3. Would like to apply. Need to be involved, have live band and dig your organization.

  4. “We believe women are much smarter than men. And strive to act accordingly.”

  5. I just found your site, but have been a citizen of Metropolis for quite a while. I have traveled in songs, through beats and lyrics, and found inspiration. I love music and am a beginning composer. This is a long shot, but I someday hope to join you!

  6. This ones for Janelle she needs to read it when shes got time and hit me back soon as she gets this . I just wanna know whats your plan? are u getting raped by Universal or u just doing it for a period of time before u break back of indie? and is the whole wondaland signed to bad boy or are you signed as an artist singularly? and what up Chuck Lightning!

  7. How can I channel the vibrations of W.A.S to San Diego?

  8. What you guys are doing for the future of music makes me fuckin’ giddy. Keep doing what you’re doing, cuz it’s awesome, and it makes the world a better place. I’d love to create something as beautiful as what y’all have made with Wondaland, and I hope someday I can. Seriously, so inspiring. Much love and respect, all that good stuff.

  9. The Honeycomb Collective | Reply

    We would love to collaborate. Love your mission. Love your vision. We are women artists, we are all about “Love. Sex. Wisdom. Magic and Wonder”

  10. (MetalMusician…I’m a tap dancer)

    I go to Spelman College, so I’m here in Atlanta…and it kills me that I am so close to W.A.S. but can’t quite touch it…how…HOW…can I work for W.A.S.? Getting coffee, scraping the bottom of shoes, collecting gum during rehearsals, I mean literally anything to learn from you guys. Love it, you’re doing great things!

  11. I sounded crazy last time, but I really really would love to do some sort of internship or anything with W.A.S., I’m in Metropolis already, and W.A.S. it just makes sense 🙂

  12. Hi Janelle I saw you in DC at the 9:30 club and, I love your Music and your mission. I am an aspiring singer and would love to be a part of the W.A.S. collective. Let me know how I can apply!

    Opal Rose

  13. “You are,
    my Starship
    take me out tonight
    yes you are
    my Starship”

    Janelle, if you do indeed read these posts, then I came here to try to explain to you the profound effect your music and the story of Cyndi Mayweather has had upon me and why you & WAS are my “Starship”. Unfortunately my fibromyalgia has flared up and I’ll have to stop typing soon because of the pain. Please know that I don’t want anything from you other than that you keep on being true to your beautiful self and your AMAZING art. And I won’t ask you not to change because change is an inevitable part of growth. So I look forward to being a part of your incredible journey as you travel onward and upward to wherever and whatever God has destined for you.

    Love you like a daughter, see you in San Francisco on Oct. 29th.


  14. Love what you are doing!!

  15. I’m so glad I found Wondland Arts Society. W.A.S. is the future of music!! I can’t wait to see Janelle live in LA!

  16. Vernon Jordan III | Reply

    I’d just like to say you guys at Wondaland rock! I’m in total love with ArchAndroid-it’s so inspiring and really, just makes me wanna dance, and feel good about everything, even the bad! The entire concept is a play on emotions for me- and in this day, music needs emotion! I feel like mostly, everything else being recognized is crap- but not you. Not Wondaland.
    I’m so excited to see things move forward for you all, and meanwhile, my friends and I here in Philadelphia are gonna keep on Tipping on that Tightrope!

    PS: I’m an artist myself, and would love to be involved with you all! I hope that’s possible- if not now, sometime in the future.

  17. This is great:) Im just wondering how can i become a part of it myself:)

  18. one day, I hope to collaborate with you. When after I at least come out with a single of my own first lol.

  19. Where does Chuck Lightning park the Nutty Mobile Unit in Wondaland? Watching from afar. Proud of you.

  20. Hello! I am currently writing my graduate dissertation on Janelle Monae and Wondaland, a fatty piece of research that could use some intimacy! I would love, love, love to get in contact with someone about what you all are doing. Please email me if you have time, am proud to share your message!!


  21. Hopefully we will cross paths and connect with you all one day. Peace!!

  22. Yes!: Truth= Love x Imagination
    Yes!: Love. Sex. Wisdom. Magic and Wonder (^ – ^)
    Yes!: Good music, Books and Grassssss

    No need drugs

    I join
    Congrats and enjoy!

  23. Peace and love to the WondaLand site and crew. I came here seeking out a place that a producer/ song writer could be completely free to express his or herself and collaborate with like minded beings. I was disappointed in the statement that was made about women being smarter than men. I thought this would be a place that would transcend the typical stereo -types of our day to day lives and be able to come together as equal creative beings seeing neither color, race, or gender. A place where our imaginations and self expressions could break down the walls of monotony in today’s music……… a true WondaLand. Am i wrong?

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