New Wondaland Site Coming Soon…

WRITERS: #The Wondaland Arts Society is launching  a new online property! We need writers right now to write… now!!

Click on the link if you’re interested in learning more!


7 responses

  1. This correspondence is to confirm receipt of my submissions for the writer opening. I am also following up to inquire on the status of the process. You can reach me at my e-mail address. Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Rana Irby

  2. I an a JM fan because I feel her soul in her music and believe her to be a world change. I am a hip hop artist / alchemist that prides myself in making something out of nothing. I’m a solo artist and a member of a group The K.G.B. The term uniquely powerful is the only description I can conjuring at this moment to describe us. We are like a mixture off Public Enemy, Dead Prez, Onyx, Wu Tang but still so different. KGB is the army they call me Dutch40 I am a lyrical soldier of change and actually hip hop is my third vocation the first two being acting and comedy ( comedian acting) as an artist I try to use all of my tools in symphony.
    I appreciate any moment that you invest to see and hear what we at the bottom of the bottom have cooked up in our laboratory.

    This is my 1st video Redemption Song from my album The Hand of God/Words in a Bullet
    This is my 2nd video YAL Ain’t War Ready
    This is The K.G.B. Russian Roulette from our album Russian Roulette Tournament Champions

    I pray that you watch with honest eyes and hear with unbiased ears. I am truly a concrete rose and I believe God has made it my job like Harriet Tubman to show others the way……

    Peace 2 d Lovers…..War 4 d rest

  3. So…I’ve decided I need to be apart of this movement!!! How does one with incredible potential join forces with this regime? Please respond! I can write draw play the trumpet…hell I’ll even wash windows in your building lol. But I am serious when I say I’d like to be apart of the wondaland team! Where ever you all need me. Again please respond!!!


  4. Hello out there, Wondaland Arts Society! I wasn’t aware you guys had a new site. I’m aware that the writing deadline has passed, but are you still interested in writers? If not, is there any type of internship available, paid or unpaid? Oh, and maybe you could use some folks who are familar with html?

  5. when will the new site launch? Did u get the writers you needed to write, now?

  6. I would definitely make wondaland proud. Hit me up!!

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